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Awesome 91x history, thanks for sharing the sketches are sick 😉

"Yer doin' great." (a muzak clickclack)


page11984 was the year I became a man. Well, I had a bar mitzvah.  That hardly constituted manhood. I did get my first girlfriend, the lovely Andrea Musicant, while at summer camp. To her credit, she didn’t bring me into manhood either. She did, however, accompany me to one life-changing event, though: my first real concert. Leaving an Oingo Boingo show at the Del Mar Fair after a few songs didn’t really count but going to see the Gogo’s and the Cars definitely



By 1984, I’d made the conversion to 91X’s Rock of the 80’s format and dove in head first.  Suddenly I was drawing British post-punk types instead of Def Leppard all over everything. I’m not sure when it happened but it had to be before going on vacation with my family to Yosemite that summer. I was on headphones the entire time listening to a tape of U2’s Under A…

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